SINCE 1985

Kruser Septic Service

Kruser Septic Service was established in 1985 by Wayne Kruser and is now owned and operated by his son, Troy Kruser.

Today, Troy Kruser continues to build the family business started by his father, Wayne, in 1985. He remembers the progression: “My dad got me started in the early 90s. I had moved away to go to school for a couple of years. During that time, he had gotten so busy that I came back home and started working for him. It went from there.”

With such a long history and established reputation in the area, Kruser Septic Service relies on existing customers for repeat business and service. New accounts come primarily by word-of-mouth from regular customers.

When I got involved, we created a computerized database to schedule service so we either just go out and do the work ― or at least contact them ― when they are due. That’s worked really well for us (and our customers, too) because we have regular work taking care of the scheduled services. Plus, it keeps customers' systems well maintained and operating at peak performance."


Wayne Kruser

Founder, Kruser Septic Service


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